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Series: Flauto Rondo

The Moeck Flauto Rondo is designed for players who have gained some experience and require a more flexible tone and increased dynamic potential. It is comfortable to hold and allows for easy fingering. The Flauto Rondo has a balanced tone in all registers, which can be achieved even without perfect breathing technique and which blends in well in ensemble playing. The wood of choice is maple wood or pear wood. Rondo recorders are available in all sizes from sopranino to great bass in c. All recorders with baroque fingering have double holes and keys - they are the guarantee for perfectly pitched chromatic playing. The Rondo is the suitable instrument for those looking for an inexpensive and reliable recorder, and who enjoy making music with other recorder players. However it does not mean that their owners should shy away from playing solo repertoire.

Comes with

Baumwolltasche (Bässe und PLUS-Tenöre im Koffer), Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle

Series: Rottenburgh

The Rottenburgh is the instrument of choice for those recorder players who wish to play music at an advanced level. It is a reliable instrument with a carrying tone, whether played in small or large ensembles. It also lends itself perfectly for solo pieces, e.g. for sonatas with basso continuo. The Rottenburgh is the ideal all rounder: reliable, balanced and with a full tone. Depending on the wood it has a warm full sound for ensemble playing and is beautifully clear and expressive as a solo instrument. All Rottenburgh recorders have double holes or double keys and are played with the baroque fingering technique. Choose the instrument which is just right for you from our wide range of different woods and variety of equipment.

Comes with

Etuikasten bzw. Ledertasche, (4290 + 4291 in Baumwolltasche mit Ledereinfassung) Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle, Pflegeset (außer für die Modelle aus Ahorn- und Birnbaumholz)


(Variables Bass-Set): Etuikoffer, Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle, Pflegeset

Series: Soprano secondo Jan Steenbergen

Baroque Timbre - Brilliant High Register. Our Steenbergen model is based on an original instrument from the legendary recorder Collection of Frans Brüggen. Their "typically baroque" glowing and warm sound makes these instrument very expressive solo instruments.

Comes with

Custodia di cuoio, bacchetta per la pulizia con straccetto, certificato, tavola delle diteggiature, set di manutenzione

Series: Denner

Questo strumento agile assicura una grande sicurezza in tutti i registri ed è, per queste ragioni, particolarmente predisposto per la musica virtuosa, che esige velocità e agilità, come per esempio le opere di G. Ph. Telemann.

Comes with

Etuikasten, Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle, Pflegeset

Series: Stanesby

Il flauto dolce contralto di Thomas Stanesby senior, della collezione di Frans Brüggen, Amsterdam, affascina per la sua eccezionale sonorità. Questo modello incanta per la bellezza del suono, la risposta immediata e l'affidabilità: uno strumento solistico a tutti gli effetti.

Comes with

Etuikasten, Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle, Pflegeset

Series: Ehlert

The Modern Recorders by Ralf Ehlert
Celle, *1960
Ehlert Soprano, Alto, Tenore.
Ehlert recorders have a range of 2 1/2 octaves. C sharp4 (soprano), f sharp3 (alto) and c sharp3 (tenor) can be comfortably played without having to cover the bell hole. The Ehlert recorders have been modelled on baroque tenors (Hotteterre, Bressan i.a.) as well as German recorders around 1930 with long diapason and therefore can be played with the customary baroque fingering. Thus, there is no adaption for the fingering required. There is only additional fingering necessary for the highest notes.

Comes with

Etuikasten bzw. -koffer, Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle, Pflegeset

Series: Subbasso

Unser Subbass ist die erste Blockflöte in dieser Stimmlage, die direkt angeblasen wird. Über das feine Kopfstück mit dem elegant schmalen Schnabel bieten sich dem Spieler vielfältige Artikulationsmöglichkeiten, die man bisher nur von Instrumenten höherer Register kennt. Unser Subbass steht für ausgewogenen Klang und gute Ansprache im über 2 Oktaven umfassenden Tonumfang. Trotz seiner Größe ist das Instrument durch seine besondere Konstruktion und den ergonomischen Klappensatz auch für kleinere Spieler problemlos spielbar. Dank des Lochkranzes und des mitgelieferten Stachels kann das Instrument sowohl im Sitzen, als auch im Stehen gespielt werden. Mithilfe des ebenfalls im Lieferumfang enthaltenen Tragbands kann sich der Spieler ganz nach Wunsch sogar frei im Raum oder auf der Bühne bewegen.  Dieser Flexibilität ist es zu verdanken, dass man beim Spielen nicht an einen festen Standort oder feste Körperhaltung gebunden ist. Dem besonderen Spielkomfort beim Musizieren steht somit nichts mehr im Wege.

Comes with

Stachel, Tragband sowie ein mit 2 Rollen versehener Etuikoffer

Series: Hotteterre

Flauto dolce tenore secondo Jean Hotteterre (Parigi, dopo 1640). Il tenore Hotteterre è caratterizzato da un suono sostenuto e caldo in tutti registri. Lo strumento è particolarmente adatto per l'uso solistico. Con un'estensione di 2 ottave e 1/2 può accedere alla letteratura barocca del flauto traverso. La misuara lunga della camearura di questi tenori rende indispensabile la chiave per chiudere l'ultimo foro.

Comes with

Valigetta, bacchetta per la pulizia con straccetto, grasso per il sughero, certificato, tavola delle diteggiature, set di manutenzione

Series: Kynseker

Soprano and Alto Recorders Based on Models by Hieronimus Franciscus Kynseker (Nuremberg, 1636 - 1686). It is obvious from its shape that the Kynseker is the link between the straight form of the Renaissance recorders and the extravagantly turned baroque recorder. But the inner construction and its sound also indicate an intermediate stage of the history of recorder making.
- its bore is narrower than the renaissance recorder but wider than the baroque recorder
-some of the finger holes are smaller than those of the renaissance recorders but larger than those of the baroque recorder
-its range is more extensive than the renaissance recorder
-its sound is almost as powerful and well-based as the renaissance recorder, but is better defined and more flexible. But it still does not match the elegance and agility of the baroque recorder
All instruments with two joints, baroque fingering, single holes.

Comes with

Etuikoffer, Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle, Pflegeset

Series: Renaissance Consort

La famosa collezione di Vienna possiede un grande numero di flauti dolci del Rinascimento ben conservati, che sono costruiti prevalentemente in un unico pezzo. La testa e il corpo dei nostri flauti dolci rinascimentali sono dotati di un tenone e uniti con un anello di ottone.


La diteggiatura originale dei flauti dolci rinascimentali è parzialmente diversa dalla diteggiatura barocca. Noi consigliamo esplicitamente questa diteggiatura, ma offriamo  anche strumenti con diteggiatura barocca. Inoltre, su richiesta,  gli strumenti  possono essere intonati secondo il  temperamento mesotonico, che, in combinazione con la diteggiatura originale, facilita l'esecuzione della musica d'assieme e l'intonazione pura delle terze. Gli strumenti hanno un'estensione di una ottava e una sesta.


Il diapason è di 440 Hz, a differenza del diapason originale, di ca. 460 Hz. Il sistema dei tenoni con l'anello, permette la  correzione dell'intonazione. Durante l'accordatura tra gli strumenti dell'ensemble, prestiamo particolare attenzione all'omogeneità del suono e del volume. 

Comes with

Etuikoffer, Wischerstab und -tuch, Korkfett, Zertifikat, Grifftabelle, Pflegeset