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Our company`s history

The history of our family firm began in 1930: Hermann Moeck senior founded Moeck Music Publishers and sold recorders which he had made in Vogtland in Saxony. As he was an ambitious craftsman and also extremely musical, he often improved the quality of "his" recorders himself. The production of recorders on a large scale started after WWII. New models were developed, copied from original recorders from European museums and collections. The recorder emancipated itself from its existence as a starter instrument and just for amateurs and became established in degree courses at music colleges. Moecks has/We have supported the path to professionalisation of the recorder from the very beginning by giving courses, awarding competition prizes as well as publishing high quality sheet music, books and the journal, Tibia for wind instruments .

Family business

Hermann (Johannes) Moeck sen. (9.7.1896-9.10.1982) founded the firm in 1930 in Celle. In 1948, his son Hermann (Alexander) Moeck (16.9.1922-9.7.2010) joined the firm and in 1960 became the sole owner. The business grew and in 1962 it moved to new premises in Altencelle near Celle. At the end of 2002, Dr. Hermann Moeck retired and passed on the family firm to his daughter, Sabine Haase-Moeck, who ran it together with her husband, Dr. Ronald Haase until 2014. In June 2014, as managing partner, she appointed her son, Jan Nikolai Haase and her nephew, Florian Haase as managing/executive directors. Since then, they have managed/led  the business together in the fourth generation.

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