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In 1930, Hermann Moeck sen. started marketing recorders. At that time, the recorder became particularly involved in a new field of the music movement for young people and music education.Between 1931-1934 and together with Nagel`s music publishers (Hannover), he published the magazine Der Blockflötenspiegel  in order to offer advice on technical questions (c-f tuning, Baroque and German fingering). In 1932, he established the Zeitschrift für Spielmusik to remedy the dirth of sheet music for recorder at the time, a subscription series with old and new music, which today has well over 700 issues. Into the 50s, theoretical articles also sometimes appeared in individual issues (eg. as an extra booklet Der Celler Spielmann). There were other series including Moeck`s yellow booklets (as from 1934) and Moeck`s chamber music (as from 1938). The issues from these two magazines have now been taken up into the general numbering of edition and are no longer available as an entire series. 

The works from the series Das Gitarrenrepertoire (edited by Reinbert Evers, 1984-1995), Der Streichchor (edited by Helmut Mönkemeyer, 1975-1982) Monumeta musicae ad usum practicum (edited by Helmut Mönkemeyer and Ilse Hechler, since 1985) and Der Bläserchor (edited by Helmut Mönkemeyer and Ilse Hechler, since 1965) are all still available in our publishing catalogue even if they have since been discontinued. The following series are still being produced: Das Blockflötenrepertoire (1976-1995 edited by Gerhard Braun, as from 1996 by Ulrich Thieme) and Zeitschrift für Spielmusik (as from 1932).

Besides the publication of learners and  old music for schools and teaching as well as professional music making, the emphasis of of our publishing  activities is bringing out contemporary recorder music. Our publishing programme also includes books and essays/articles about wind instruments, as well as some fundamental/essential works on instrument making.

By awarding prizes for prestigious competitions, including the International Recorder Days in Engelskirchen, the British Moeck/SRP Solo Recorder Playing Competition and the Moeck National Australian Recorder Competition, Moecks promotes/we promote professionalisation of the recorder as a instrument.

In 1976, our specialist journal, Tibia, magazine for windplayers was initiated, which ever since has offered an international forum for expert discussion amongst windplayers.The Tibia editors include Prof. Bernhard Böhm (1976-1977), Prof. Nikolaus Delius (1976-1995)  Prof. Gerhart Braun, 1976-2001), Hartmut Gerhold (1996-2004), Sabine Haase-Moeck (since 2006), Prof. Christian Schneider (1979-2005), Peter Thalheimer (since 2005), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Thieme (1989-2005). 

In 1959, Moeck publishers contracted works by Polish composers of the Avantgarde and founded the series "Contemporary Orchestra and Chamber Music" which soon attracted composers from other countries. In all, about 450 works by 69 composers were published, solo  or ensemble pieces for all kinds of instruments, some for a full orchestra, operas and oratorios.For over 35 years, Moecks/our firm has been involved in this area of publication with the production of music editions and material for orchestra for performances in a vibrant and rapidly expanding international scene of avantgarde music.

In 2006, Moecks discontinued this line of publishing. It now belongs to the Mannheimer Music Publishers/Musikverlag which belongs to the Universal Music Publishing Group.

The directors of Moeck Publishers after 1945 were Dr. Hermann Moeck (1949-1958), Herbert Höntsch (1958-1982), Dr. Reinhold Quandt (1983-1993) and since 1993, Sabine Haase-Moeck.

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