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Dear Customers,


Due to the inclusion, as from 2.1.2017, of the following types of wood, Palisander  (dalbergia stevensonii), rosewood (dalbergia decipularis) and grenadill (dalbergia melanoxylon) in annex II of the Washington CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) we are receiving many queries from our customers concerning the resulting documentation and verification/certification requirements. These requirements affect trade within the EU and exchange of goods beyond EU borders and are therefore relevant for instruments carried in personal possession or being sent by post.

As a general rule, the regulations valid in Germany differ from one federal state to another, besides which the requirements for private individuals differ from those valid for commercial retailers. The CITES regulations have also not been completely implemented within EU law, which means we are unable to give reliable answers to individual queries.


We would therefore recommend enquiring at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Bonn ( There you can find out which federal authority is responsible for where you live and is available to answer your individual questions.

Please note: our distributors have always verified the faultless origin of the wood we purchase from them. The types of wood mentioned above are therefore still available in our range of woods. Click here for further information on the different types of wood.