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Large recorders for small hands

Special keys

The fingering for the tenor recorder presents a problem for some players. Therefore, for some time now, we have offered tenor recorders with a standard c/c# key for players with small hands or who have reduced finger mobility. Often even this does not solve the problem. Therefore we additionally offer tenor recorders from the Rottenburgh and Rondo series with an extra g-key and/or f-key. The instruments with these special keys make for easy fingering even for players with very small hands. The keys are matching which results in a pleasing overall impression.

Some players find the stance required to play a relatively large tenor recorder awkward. They are often happier with a curved tenor recorder, which shortens the recorder as regards fingering. Now that all our curved tenor recorders come with the c/ct# keys and the additional keys for f and g, they allow for much easier playing.


The fingering on bass recorders is impossible without keys, so everybody who plays this instrument is used to them. The keys on the Moeck bass recorders are calculated to allow players with small hands to manage the fingering with ease. 


Players who opt for the curved bass also have the advantage of the more comfortable stance whilst playing, which allows even small players to manage these really large instruments.