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Recorders with ”long diapason”

There have always been recorders with a long diapason. Our Hotteterre tenor for example is based on an original recorder from the Baroque era. After the rediscovery of recorders at the beginning of the 20th century, there were many models with long diapason available. However the construction of a short diapason was able to establish itself. The tone of these recorders is rich in harmonics. The instruments have a brilliant sound, but on the other hand a relatively delicate lower register. The fi ngering is comfortable as the fi nger holes for the right hand are close together. This may have been the reason why these recorders became more popular than their “long diapason” sister instruments.


The characteristic sound of the recorders with long diapason is mellow and warm, the lower register shows a considerable strength and stability. Due to the diapason of these recorders the high F sharp (with recorders in F) is playable without having to cover the bell. As the fi nger holes for the right hand are further apart on these instruments, one cannot dispense with the use of keys.


A special variation of the recorders with long diapason are the modern instruments that the recorder maker Ralf Ehlert has developed for Moeck. He uses the knowledge about recorders from different eras, combining it in one instrument, that displays an unusual intensity of sound and fl exibility of dynamics, without losing the typical sound of a recorder.


The Ehlert recorders are suitable for playing recorder music from all eras and styles. They lend themselves well to playing together with strings or keyboard instruments, because they have the radiance with which soloists can assert their line in relation to accompanying instruments.


Moeck offers the following models with a long diapason:

  • Ehlert soprano
  • Ehlert alto
  • Ehlert tenor
  • Hotteterre tenor
  • Rottenburgh bass
  • Rondo bass
  • Rondo great bass
  • Sub-bass