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Information in our own interests:

Our contribution to the environment

People are becoming increasingly aware of the issues of sustainability and conservation of resources. We have long purchased our wood from selected suppliers, who vouch for their impeccable source: the wood we use comes from certified cultivation and fulfils the regulations of the Washington agreement for protection of species.

An important focus for us is the sustainable handling of wood. To ensure minimal waste in the production process and with the help of modern precision technique, our highly experienced instrument makers make recorders, which when properly cared for can last for decades. From the start, besides the requirements of our customers, we take into consideration the concerns of environmental protection when choosing our wood. As a result, the woods we use sometimes display natural features. For example:


  • black or dark pigmentation in instruments made of maple wood, pear wood and box wood,
  • individual or lightly coloured stripes in grenadilla and box wood,
  • also more intense colouration in olive wood and rose wood.

These visual characteristics have no effect on the sound of the recorder. It is a given that only instruments which fulfil our high quality standards leave our production workshop. This is ensured by a repeated and meticulous examination of every individual instrument.

However, we have not chosen these types of wood solely with aim of conserving resources, as the relationship between player and instrument is a special one: you can hear the quality of an instrument but it is its individual appearance that makes it your very own.

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