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The influence of different types of wood on the sound

Moecks makes recorders for beginners, (School Recorders and the lower joints of the Flauto Penta and Flauto 1 Plus models), mainly from maple wood and in smaller numbers from pear wood. The sound quality of both types of wood is warm, soft and well balanced. We offer a version of both with outer staining, although this only an visual refinement which has no influence on the sound and durability of the instrument.


 We make almost all the ensemble instruments, for example the flauto rondo and the Renaissance - Consort, from maple wood. The instruments blend particularly well when being played together due to the basal tone of the wood, producing a consistent warm/mellow sound from the recorders.


Players can decide according to their personal taste which type of wood they prefer. Maple wood and pear wood are the softest materials and the most warm/mellow in sound, the hardest are ebony and grenadill. Staining in no way affects the sound or properties of the the different types of wood.