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The tuning at a1 = 442 Hz

For some time now, the Moeck recorders have been tuned at a1 = 442 Hz (Hertz i. e. vibrations per second). It used to be a1 = 440 Hz, which proved to be too low for piano accompaniment. Pianos today are generally tuned to 443 - 445 Hz, which our recorders can even reach when they are warmed really well. The tuning of our recorders is slightly too high in tone when playing with other recorders and instruments tuned to the chamber tone of a1 = 440 Hz. This is easily solved by simply pulling out the head piece very slightly. This minimal correction, within 2 - 3 Hz does not impair the intonation of our recorders. If the correction exceeds 6 Hz or more, then the intonation is influenced; the octaves are too small or too great, the intervals are no longer accurate - playing in tune is no longer possible.


We consider the tuning at a1 = 442 Hz to be a practical compromise between the increasingly higher tuning of professional modern orchestras and pianos and the valid standard set in 1939 of a1 = 440 Hz, which is more prevalent in amateur music making and church music.


By the way: this does not apply to our recorders with the historical tuning of a1 = 415 Hz.

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