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The new Flauto 1 Plus

A Moeck recorder right from the start


Beginners especially require good instruments so that playing is fun and practising is rewarding. This is why we take great care in the making of our recorders for beginners.

Our new Flauto 1 Plus allows for a carefree introduction to music due to the ergonomic shape of the mouthpiece and the lower part is conducive to natural posture. The easy response and the mellow sound promote enjoyment whilst playing, allowing players to focus their attention on making music.

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Our Subbass is the fi rst recorder in this register which players can blow directly. With its elegant head and delicate beak, players have manifold possibilities for articulation which otherwise were known only on instruments in a higher pitch.

Our Subbass gives a well balanced timbre and stands for an effortless response in a range over two octaves.

Our seminars

Our biannual recorder seminars are for everyone

who enjoys playing in a large recorder orchestra

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